Flagrant Originals: ‘Desert Island Downloads’ With Brendan Patrick

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Adult film performer (he’s too modest to refer to himself as a “star”) Brendan Patrick stopped by the Flagrant offices recently and we asked him to choose his “Desert Island Downloads.” His choices were surprising. Yes, we realize that not all gay porn stars (sorry Brendan, but we think you’re a star) would use all their picks for Demi Lovato remixes. Patrick wowed us with his incredibly eclectic tastes.

Here’s the “Desert Island Download” premise: You’re stranded alone on a deserted island. Maybe your Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand-chartered catamaran caught an aggressive tradewind, you strayed hundreds of miles from shore. You wound up face-first in the sand, still clutching a life preserver AND your Mai-Tai. Days go by without any human contact. Suddenly, your cell phone lights up with a strong signal and full charge. Don’t ask. You have just enough time to download 10 films, music videos, albums, ebooks, TV shows or pornos to keep you company until help arrives. What would YOU choose? Here is what our handsome, charming friend Brendan, the star of Jailbreak and Forgive Me Father 2 would download on that deserted island:



Mulholland Dr.


Spring Breakers



Twin Peaks

Six Feet Under



Philip Glass




Black Balled 5



Haruki Murakami “After Dark”

“Tao Te Ching”


Click here to check out Brendan’s Twitter feed. Link NSFW.

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