Former VP Joe Biden Warns Of Trump’s ‘Dark Path’


On Thursday, 47th Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden was presented with the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington D.C. During the award ceremony, Biden gave a barn-burning speech in which he eloquently derided the current administration.

With the rafters packed, the always feisty yet personable Biden did not hold back in front of the captivated audience.

“It’s not alarmist,” said Biden. “We’re walking down a very dark path that isolates the United States on the world stage and, as a consequence, endangers—not strengthens—endangers American interests and the American people.”

Biden elaborated on this “dark path” and the far-off-kilter values Trump applies to governing.

“Rather than building a shared narrative of freedom and democracy that inspires nations to unite in common goals, this administration casts global affairs in a dog-eat-dog competition, like it’s a competition: who gets that plot to build the new high-rise building.”

Before winning the Electoral College in 2016, Trump maintained his gluttonous lifestyle as a real estate developer.

Never one to back down from a fight, Biden kept calling attention to the casino builder’s paltry job performance.

“Among the many problems plaguing this administration’s foreign policy: ideological incoherence, inconsistent and confusing messaging, erratic decision-making, unwillingness or inability to solve problems caused by understaffing. When’s the last time, in the state department, you can stand on the seventh floor and yell and hear an echo?”

When this remark evoked nervous laughter, Biden—who has 40 years of productive government service under his belt—remained forthright and serious.

“No, you think I’m kidding. It’s irresponsible. It’s this brand of zero-sum thinking that I find the most disturbing and dangerous.”

Biden continued to list gross, pitiful errors committed by Trump that are screwing up international relations, especially with North Korea.

“Trading insults. Deploying taunting nicknames. Promising to ‘totally destroy’ a country of 25 million people. Such erratic action only worsens the crisis and rejects the possibility of diplomacy.”

Though Biden is 74, his expertise and wealth of positive attributes make him a viable presidential candidate in 2020. In contrast to current President Derp, Biden has a marvelous ability to speak to a full audience, to a public official and to an individual in a coffee shop with equally intense, generous sincerity. As an extremely popular Democrat, Biden has consistently garnered high liberal ratings with his legislative voting record and his advocacy as vice president. Though he has been jokingly called a “gaff factory” for his premature candor on controversial issues, sometimes his blurting has made change for the good. In 2012 and without Administration consent, Biden stated he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage. Until then President Obama had been reluctant to set policy on this issue, and Biden’s heartfelt expression prompted him to publicly declare his support too.

At Thursday’s think tank ceremony, Biden described his own foreign policy know-how and backbone. Upon visiting President Vladimir Putin, Biden was shown the opulence with which the Russian leader had decorated his post-Soviet office.

“I held my arms up, I said: ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do’ … I said, ‘Mr. President, I’m looking in your eyes and you have no soul.’ And he looked back at me and he said: ‘We understand one another.’”


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