Interviewed By Prince Harry, Obama Expertly Shades Trump


Obama and Prince Harry have unveiled a bromantic interview they recorded a couple months ago, and it’s basically a combo of Trump shade and aggressive avoidance of major conversation topics.

In the interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today, Obama and Harry start out things by avoiding Obama’s real feelings about Trump’s inauguration. When Harry asks him how it felt to fly away in Marine One on Inauguration Day, Baracky somehow evades the question and compliments his wife (“She is a spectacular, funny, warm person”) instead of admitting that he considered rerouting Marine One to Canada and just staying there forever.

P.S. Should Obama and Harry’s couple name be “Ho-bama?” Or is that already what Michelle calls Barack when they’re having sex?

Anyway, after Obama evades discussing Trump a first time, he then rebounds and evades discussing Trump a second time. When Harry asks him about “fake news,” he expresses nostalgia for the days when there were fewer media sources and everyone had “a common set of facts,” regardless of political affiliation. He then goes on to say, “One of the dangers of the Internet is that people can have entirely different realities. They can be cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.”

It’s a valid point, and an eerily accurate description of our fractious daily interactions on the Interwebs. But it’s also potentially a massive subtweet of Trump, considering The Orange Deplorable’s affinity for “fake news” and living in an “entirely different reality.”

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Kensington Palace courtesy of The Obama Foundation via AP.

So anyway, once Hobama are done evading basically every interesting conversation topic and all of their feelings, it’s finally Prince Harry’s turn to express an opinion without actually expressing any opinions.

In a live interview portion of the Today segment that is separate from the Hobama interview, Harry manages to sidestep the question of whether he’ll invite Obama to his impending wedding to Meghan Markle. Diplomatically, he says he “doesn’t want to ruin that surprise,” which is probably just to avoid pissing off Trump and causing him to nuke the entire United Kingdom.

However, Harry doesn’t admit that he’s likely under pressure from the British government — who has a hand in his wedding guest list — to avoid drama altogether and invite neither Trump or Obama. (Side-note: Why doesn’t the British government just invite both of them and “accidentally” place Trump at the kid’s table? Instead of getting blown up, they’ll just have to deal with Trump tweeting about British weddings being “overrated” before complimenting Queen Elizabeth’s figure or something.)

Also, can we just stop for a second and sympathize with Meghan Markle? When most wedding planners only have to make sure Aunt Linda gets a seat near the booze, she has to worry about starting a nuclear holocaust. Bless her.


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