Justice League: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure Coming Soon

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There are a lot of Barbies who are unaware of their rights. They blithely drive around in their Barbie Dream Jeeps and switch between being astronauts and orca trainers like dilletantes, but they never think about the world outside their waxy blonde hair and molded plastic vajayjays. But finally, there might be an action figure that can come along for those Barbie Dream Jeep rides and inform Barbies of their rights whenever they get pulled over and sexually harassed by Cop Kens.

More specifically, there may be Ruth Bader Ginsberg action figures coming out soon.

FCTRY, a product incubator, launched a Kickstarter campaign Tuesday to create an action figure of the Notorious RBG, and within hours had reached its fundraising goal four times over.

According to FCTRY CEO Jason Feinberg, the action figures took off because of RBG being a national icon, but we think it’s just because nerdy young girls needed someone to play with who wasn’t dating five Kens at once. Instead of combing RBG’s hair, they can iron her Supreme Court Justice robes. Instead of dressing her in beautiful ball gowns for that Barbie Dream Party at the Barbie Dream House later, they can have RBG reinterpret the Fifth Amendment.  

FCTRY announced that they would be donating some of the funds from their Kickstarter to the National Women’s Law Center, a nonprofit founded by Ginsberg. The remainder of the funds would go towards creating more action figures with their own associated charities. Feinberg stressed that each charity would support a cause championed by the real-life person that the action figure represented, which begs the question: which charity does FCTRY’s Evil Trump doll support? The ACLU, actually. We just hope that someone out there has purchased a Trump doll so that they can have FCTRY’s Hillary Clinton doll beat it to a pulp in a Barbie/FCTRY fight club.

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