Kathy Griffin Attacks Frenemy Anderson Cooper As ‘Spineless Heiress’


The griping Griffin is at it again! This time, Kathy Griffin has declared to The Daily Beast that her attorney Lisa Bloom is “badgering” her and that her ex-bestie, Anderson Cooper, is a “spineless heiress.” The raunchy stand-up comic will apparently chop off anyone’s head if it will give her some media attention. This time however, Griffin has crossed the line by using homophobic and sexist terms in a malicious scheme to avenge those she blames for her own poor sense of judgment.

Kathy Griffin is incredibly media savvy, while also horrendously bereft of sound judgment.  This caustic ability to attract the spotlight and then shoot the lighting technician once served her well as she was working her way up the stand-up comedy circuit with her brand of crude humor. 

It is ironic that Griffin would call her attorney a “fame whore” when Kathy could be credited with writing the playbook on fame-whoring. Long before the infamous photo of Griffin holding a crude facsimile of Trump’s severed, bloody head appeared on TMZ, the comedienne was clawing her way onto E’s Fashion Police. Griffin proclaimed herself the new Joan Rivers and went for that throne with cunning precision. River’s close friend and New York Post columnist, Cindy Adams, called Griffin “jaw-droppingly opportunistic,” noting, “Kathy Griffin made a grab for the job while Joan lay on life support. I know, I was right there in her hospital room holding my forever friend’s hand.”

Griffin landed the job on Fashion Police but ‘quit’ the show after seven episodes, claiming that, “I want to help women, gay kids, people of color and anyone who feels underrepresented to have a voice and a laugh.” Apparently, Griffin was upset about Giuliana Rancic’s “I feel like she (Zendaya) smells like patchouli oil,” comment and was taking the high road by leaving the show. According to Defamer, the real reason Griffin left the show was, “a last-minute attempt to save face after realizing she was about to be fired over diva behavior on set.”  

Flash forward to late May of this year and the TMZ release of Griffin grasping for relevance in the form of a notorious photo shot by Tyler Shields. By June 1, Griffin was begging the world for forgiveness. Everyone distanced themselves from the photo because the message seemed to ring hollow coming from a fame-seeking, button-pushing, reality TV star. Anderson Cooper condemned the photo, resulting in Griffin being fired from co-hosting the CNN New Year’s Eve show with him. That Griffin buckled to pressure so quickly and begged for forgiveness with crocodile tears revealed the measure of her low personal integrity in her work and choices.  

Now, after hiring, then firing her attorney Lisa Bloom, who is currently busy doing her own apologizing for aggressively representing Harvey Weinstein, Griffin claims that Bloom mishandled her attempt at media redemption, blaming the attorney for her crying those crocodile tears. In the same breath, Griffin, also said, as “my gays” say, Anderson Cooper is a “spineless heiress.” Cooper may be an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune, but the man was a war correspondent and a respected journalist. Even more disturbing, Griffin referred to her ex bestie as an ‘heiress,’ knowing full well that labeling him a woman is a homophobic method used to dismiss and demean a gay man, which simultaneously implies that there’s something wrong with female-ness. Ms. Griffin, just because ‘your gays’ say it, doesn’t allow you that privilege. Doing so, only demonstrates the straight white privilege you exploit to hurt a gay man because he is easier to blame than taking a good hard look at your abysmal track record for chopping off heads to give yourself a voice.

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