Kathy Griffin Scorches ‘Billy McRapey’ O’Reilly

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At this point, Kathy Griffin is basically just flying around the world and taking down haters on social media — like a wronged makeup vlogger with a Gold Card.

Griffin’s latest target is Bill O’Reilly, whom she burned on Instagram in between stops along her world tour. After O’Reilly had the gall and stupidity to invite Griffin onto his podcast earlier this week to discuss “being blacklisted in Hollywood,” Griffin shared O’Reilly’s invitation on Instagram and then posted her withering response to the homophobic prune:




Boom. Billy McRapey just made it to the top of Griffin’s donezo list. Srsly, tho, what made him think she’d just jump on his show and go all Chatty Kathy? She may be blacklisted for now, but that’s only because she had the bravery to speak out against Hollywood misogyny. O’Reilly, on the other hand, is a shining example of that Hollywood misogyny: He was literally fired for preying on women. If he honestly doesn’t see the difference between the ways in which they’ve been blacklisted, then he’s dumber than we originally thought.

Also, does he really think Griffin would just take a break from speaking out against sexual harassment and corrupt men to go and speak to a corrupt man accused of sexual harassment? Surely, he couldn’t possible think that Griffin’s furious, barbed political rants are just an act to attract attention and followers, and not the natural byproduct of a complex, unwavering moral code? That’s only how a person without any actual values would behave! Oh wait. Our b, that’s literally O’Reilly’s entire career.


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