Kristen Wiig In Talks For ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Super Villain

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If you gagged at Kristen Wiig’s hilarious mangling of the English language in Zoolander 2, then you’ll love her next villainous role — which, coincidentally, is also for a movie that has “2” in the title. Reportedly, Wiig is in talks to join Wonder Woman 2 as The Cheetah, a supervillain who literally claws women’s eyes out. The role will not, unfortunately, be played by former Cheetah Girl Raven-Symone, as many (a.k.a. one person at Flagrant) had hoped.

While Wiig already has some experience metaphorically clawing women’s eyes out thanks to her star turn in Bridesmaids, her latest role may skew more towards the dramatic. After all, we doubt Patty Jenkins, the screenwriter and director of Wonder Woman 2, will write a scene in which The Cheetah and all of her besties get food poisoning and then shit in the middle of Themiscyra.  

According to comic book nerds, The Cheetah starts as a nervous, insecure woman who turns into a villainous cheetah-human hybrid after an “evil plant god” (the fuck?) punishes her for not being a virgin (fair.)  And while we already know Wiig will nail the “nervous, insecure” part, as that’s her specialty, we’re excited to see what she does after she transforms into the ravenous, bloodthirsty Cheetah, who literally eats people’s faces off. (Think: A furry on bath salts.)

In recent Wonder Woman comics, The Cheetah has been known to boast super-speed, razor-sharp claws, and superhuman strength, which means we can expect to see Kristen Wiig in some murky CGI — the specialty of D.C. superhero movies.

However, Patty Jenkins has also mentioned that Wonder Woman 2 will be a “love story” set in the Cold War — so might The Cheetah be a former flame of Wonder Woman’s? How hot would that be? What if The Cheetah just gets pissed that Wonder Woman has gone back to dudes, and that’s why she threatens to destroy the entire planet in the film’s inevitable CGI climax? The possibilities are endless.

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