Macklemore Joins Australian Marriage Equality Fight, Releases New Music

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As Australia proceeds with a postal survey that will determine if same-sex couples can marry there, American rapper Macklemore is giving a strong argument in favor of the “Vote Yes” folks. The bluntly attractive “Thrift Shop” singer is planning to perform his pro-LGBTQ song “Same Love” at the country’s National Rugby League grand final on Sunday.


Macklemore (a.k.a. Ben Haggerty, a.k.a. that ADD kid in high school who you low-key had a crush on) has long been a supporter of queer rights, and has frequently cited his openly gay uncles as his inspiration for writing “Same Love.” You may recall when the rapper performed the song at the 2014 Grammys alongside Mary Lambert and Madonna, and Queen Latifah joined in to officiate the weddings of 33 same-sex and heterosexual couples. We weren’t crying, you were crying!


The National Rugby League grand final is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia, with around 4 million people watching — which means that Macklemore’s performance may be potentially game-changing. Some people will be miffed, of course (do you immediately think “rugby fan” when you hear the words “gay rights supporter”?), but some people’s minds might change. Maybe. You’d think that a bunch of people who pay to see beefy bros in short shorts writhe around on the grass for hours on end would be down with gay sex.


In other Macklemore news, the musician recently released a video with Kesha for “Good Old Days,” in which the pair traveled into the woods and glamped their butts off. The single is from Macklemore’s upcoming solo album, Gemini.


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