When Mary Met Sally: Jim Parsons Pleads For More Queer RomComs

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Jim Parsons has a message for all those asshole reviewers who claimed it was too late for Love, Simon because gay marriage.

Last night, the Big Bang Theory indentured servant went on the Late Show to tell Stephen Colbert his real thoughts on queer rom-coms, saying, “I think there are people in many other places that, yes, you still need to see [gay rom-coms.] How many straight romcoms do we need? When is it too late for them? Let me get sick of too many gay romcoms.” Colbert offered his title for such a film, “When Mary Met Sally.”

To which many queer viewers replied … “Yas.”

Like, we don’t mean to speak for Parsons, but we totally agree: Where are the queer rom coms that don’t feature teenagers? (And we don’t mean dreck like Adam & Steve or Eating Out.) Milk doesn’t count either, no matter how many times Sean Penn makes out with James Franco.

Parsons also opened up about rehearsing for his role in Ryan Murphy’s Broadway update of The Boys in the Band, saying, “To be in a room filled with nothing but eight other gay actors, it was totally different immediately. There was a certain parlance, a way of talking with each other,” he said, while secretly signaling to Queer America with his left pinky that he was a bottom. He then began saying in Polari that the Queer Revolution would occur on June 24, 2018 at the NYC Pride Parade, but all Stephen Colbert heard was, “Haha, Stephen, you’re so funny.” He then added in Polari that Stephen should be mercifully left alone during the Revolution, as he is a sympathizer.

If we’re understanding Parsons’ obviously coded comments correctly, then we can probably expect the Boys in the Band — currently in previews at the Booth Theatre — to be something of Ryan Murphy’s White Album. If you watch it backwards, it will reveal the times and places for all of the secondary revolutions that are happening nationwide on June 24 in concurrence with the main revolution in NYC. Then, if you stick around after the second standing ovation, there will be a post-credits sequence that hints at a Ryan Murphy Extended Universe in which the characters of The Boys in the Band must team up with the characters of Pose to defeat Thanos. But we could be wrong.

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