Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw Lock Lips In ‘Scandal’ Trailer

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2018 may feel like a long years journey into apocalypse, but we can at least take comfort knowing that Hugh Grant will be soon making out with Q from the Daniel Craig James Bond movies.

In a trailer for A Very English Scandal (not to be confused with Notes on a Scandal or Gary Janetti’s Instagram account), Hugh Grant passionately locks lips with Bond and Cloud Atlas out actor Ben Whishaw — and yes, there’s tongue. 

Now, if you’ve made it this far into this post without immediately clicking on the trailer and watching the makeout sesh (it happens at 0:23), then you’re probably seeking more context for the makeout sesh. We don’t totally understand how you can go through life like this, but here goes: A Very English Scandal follows the real-life story of the Thorpe affair, a post-Stonewall pre-Thatcher British sex scandal in the 1970s in which a British Parliament Liberal party member named Jeremy Thorpe was accused of having an affair with a femme gay man and then trying to murder him. While Thorpe was acquitted of all charges, he was unfortunately unable to continue his political career.

A quick Google search also turns up that Thorpe had a pretty depressing life after that. He became disabled by Parkinson’s disease in the mid-80s, and then was only forgiven and honored by his fellow politicians in British government when it was far too late to count.  

But hey: Hugh Grant gay makeout seshes!!

The trailer for A Very English Scandal also gives us the very delicious delight of Ben Whishaw sashaying down a staircase after a TV appearance and declaring, “I was rude, I was vile, I was queer … I was myself.” Apparently, his character was the first gay reality TV star. (Move over, Lance Loud.)  

Hugh Grant also literally plays a tiny violin at one point – an image that doubles as a metaphor for every character he’s ever played in a romantic comedy.

Directed by Stephen Frears and written by Russell T. Davies, A Very English Scandal, will hit BBC One at some point in 2018. You’ll probably be able to stream the miniseries on BritBox, but for now, you can check out the trailer.

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