Nightmare President Ends ‘Dreamers’ Hope, DACA Passed To Congress


Trump has not ever had to truly feel the impact and consequences of his erratic and failed business endeavors. He cares not one iota for all the folks he’s cheated out of money. His very public playboy days being photographed at Studio 54 and other NYC nightspots looking for models to grab by the pussy was a natural path into his media whoredom and reality TV ventures, seguing into an attention-seeking presidential campaign. “The Donald,” as fellow television personality Regis Philbin pegged him, seemed stunned, subdued, and even regretful (that he might have to work hard) after winning the election (how that actually came to be remains to be fully investigated), yet quickly reassumed The Apprentice mentality to “lead” within the White House, with the firings and dismissals of people who make him look bad or impeachable. Before the election there was talk that the old spray-tanned fart was going to use the campaign exposure to launch a Trump news channel. Since the Russians thwarted that and his tiny hands are stuck in a tangled cat’s-cradle toupee weave, 71-year-old Bad Grandpa Trump, like many other senior men fixed in their ways, is feeding his publicity-hungry need to keep up the drama, the ratings, the attention of any kind. Each week is a rollercoaster ride that lands in raw sewage and splashes someone new each time. Remember the week he casually tweeted the transgender military ban? There was 1. An unusual lull in reportage on WH chaos; 2. No thoughtful notification or consultation of the State Department or generals as he falsely tweeted. There is a basic premise of juicy reality TV shows that the producers set the players up for failure by giving the cast impossible goals with strained and difficult tasks, all the while sowing dissent. This is how The Tangerine Turd is operating and managing his administration, achieving little, even going backwards, but the insane activity is infectious, and the media is required to report it.Screen Shot at AM

Trump for the most part hates his predecessor Obama for infinite petty reasons, but failed to orchestrate the repeal Obama’s ACA. But there is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, DACA, which Obama established via executive order. This morning Trump the Wuss directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce DACA is being rescinded, therefore its following description will be in the past tense. The program had allowed children brought to the United States by their parents “illegally” to remain in the country. As many as 800,000 young people’s status within the U.S. would have been safe to stay here, but Trump’s stunt has upended their lives. For the last week, Tweedledum had been “signaling” an impending announcement, treating it like a Miss Universe press junket through his surrogates like deadpan deadsoul Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is getting snippier at each press briefing. Unnamed sources, on Labor Day of all ironies, were reported as saying that DACA would end in six months. Then it would be “time for Congress to act,” as written in a White House statement released today. According to the prepared remarks read by Jeff Sessions from the Land O’Cotton, the administration will begin a wind down of DACA.

He also read out loud, “Our nation is comprised of good and decent people who want their government’s leaders to fulfill their promises and advance an immigration policy that serves the national interest.”

With “national interest,” he really meant wine down, cuz it’s unlikely humans who pick grapes and cotton will be deported, just their college-graduating offspring who are ready to significantly contribute to the nation’s science and technology sectors.

Even if you listened to the speech, read the full prepared remarks so that the underlying sentiment can sink in, but still imagine the words spoken by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his hypocritical drawl. One comment of grave concern, “There are many powerful interest groups in this country and every one of them has a constitutional right to advocate their views and represent whomever they choose,” which sounds suspiciously like Citizens United.

It’s a good time to recall that Sessions probably lied under oath about his communications with Russian officials when pondering the following reason for rescinding DACA:

“It will further economically the lives of millions who are struggling. And it will enable our country to more effectively teach new immigrants about our system of government and assimilate them to the cultural understandings that support it.” Will this apply to Russian Oligarchs causing rents and house prices to soar unsustainably?

This is a continuing horror story for innocent, worthy folks, and we still have a sociopath Dumber Down in Chief who processes decisions on policy as if he’s flippantly ordering food for a photo op to promote Mar-A-Lago chocolate cake. He’s up before dawn to see what’s trending. If it doesn’t involve him, he’ll impulsively start unnecessary controversy so that all eyes look @realDonaldTrump.

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