NRA Takes Aim At New Target, The Media


With Obama out of the White House, and Hillary Clinton denied entry, the National Rifle Association needed a new boogeyman/woman to keep memberships up. Democratic presidents and candidates are fantastic triggers for the NRA and their petrified pistol-packing members. But what happens when a tiny-handed, gun-loving Republican wins the presidency? The NRA needed a new target. Enter, “THE MEDIA,” an amorphous, ominous threat that must be shot dead in its tracks.

The motivation for the NRA’s current attacks on the media has little to do with gun rights and everything to do with the business of selling more munitions. During the Obama presidency, especially after the Sandy Hook massacre, gun sales exploded in the U.S. by $9 billion as the NRA sold panic to its members. They launched a huge Twitter call-to-action campaign using fear-mongering tactics to incite members to shop. During last year’s election cycle, NRA members were told that if Hillary Clinton were to win, she’d certainly curtail gun ownership rights, leading to another hysterical shopping frenzy. Shortly after the election, the NRA Twitter feeds fell sharply, as did gun tear jpg web

In February, CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA Wayne LaPierre told gun worshippers at the Conservative Political Action Conference that there was a new gun enemy in, “Leftists, anarchists, criminals and the national media machine.” Thus began the NRA’s new marketing ploy to raise more money and memberships.

NRA mouthpiece and Angie Harmon-on-roids doppleganger, Dana Loesch has appeared in attack ads against the media, particularly The New York Times and The Washington Post, using inflammatory rhetoric like, “They use their media to assassinate real news.” The ads, which are sponsored by giant gun manufacturer, Kimber, also attempt to condemn the “violent left,” an audacious twisting of reality that is in keeping with NRA darling Donald Trump.

Gun-shopping paranoia was hilariously exploited in this clip from Inside Amy Schumer.

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