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Another embarrassing press incident recently occurred in the White House Oval Office that evoked memories of the infamous “Grab them by the pussy” Access Hollywood audio recordings.

Caitriona Perry, Washington Correspondent & U.S. Bureau Chief with RTÉ News—Ireland, posted a “video of the bizarre moment” @realDonaldTrump was on an official congratulatory phone call with Ireland’s newly appointed Taoiseach (Gaelic for “prime minister”) Leo Varadkar. In the clip, while he flippantly holds the phone like a banana, President Dirty Old Man’s facial expression looks every bit the lascivious construction worker as he beckons the reporter to the stately desk propping him up.

Perry—who exudes a professional elegance Ivanka Trump wishes she could manufacture with exploited labor—gracefully steps forward to placate the old codger. Just as many old codgers use their advanced age to get away with blurting questionable opinions, this dingbat refers to her as “beautiful Irish press” and tells Varadkar that Perry has “a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well.” The video ends with Perry hurriedly making her escape from his leer.

Such innuendo as “I bet she treats you well” reveals that kiss-ass WH advisors don’t know anything about anything, since Leo Varadkar is 1. A highly educated, articulate and experienced politician who would never waste diplomatic time with crass party-boy comments; and 2. Is the first openly gay Irish government minister, therefore even if he were as unrefined as Trump, would not care about these particular locker-room suggestions. Before assuming this office, he was a prominent advocate of Ireland’s successful same-sex marriage referendum. Varadkar is also the youngest person to be Taoiseach, and the first person from a minority ethnic background to hold this office (his father is Indian). If all these achievements aren’t enough to ignite jealousy, Varadkar is a medical doctor having graduated from Trinity College, Dublin. His domestic partner, Matthew Barrett, is also a doctor.

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