Romania’s Same Sex Marriage Ban Defeated


October 2018 commenced with a dread that a referendum held by the Romanian government would change the country’s constitution to state that marriage is strictly a union between a man and a woman.

Alas for the Undead of Romania’s leftist (!) Social Democrat Party (PSD), who launched this assholic discrimination to distract from the party’s disgrace from corruption, low voter turnout “voided” the referendum, which took place this past Saturday and Sunday. By 6 p.m. Sunday when polls closed, only 20% of registered voters bothered to cast ballots—30% is required “for the result to be valid.”

Curiously on Friday, a (biased) poll showed 90% of Romanians were in favor to change wording on their constitution to redefine marriage to exclude same-sex couples. It is now probable that the constitution will remain as is, ambiguously stating marriage as a union between “spouses.”

Although the amendment looks dead on arrival, the crooked PSD and powerful, ultra-conservative Wurdulaks in the Romanian Orthodox Church managed to get 3-million signatures petitioning for the intolerant initiative. The Church’s motive to “defend traditional family values” was viewed as bogus to many common sense Romanians.

“It is an enormous lie and a waste of money,” said Ileana Popescu to The Guardian after attending mass in Bucharest on Sunday.

Despite the passive defeat of this oppressive amendment, Romania does not recognize marriage equality, and doesn’t offer legal protection to same-sex couples. Conservative neighbor nations Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia have the same discriminatory policies in place. Romania decriminalized homosexuality in 2002 in order to be aligned with the rest of Europe and demonstrate better civil rights to ensure acceptance as a member into the Europe Union.

The PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, a James Bond villain name if there ever was one, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday to appeal a jail sentence he received for a fake jobs scandal. In the lead up to the referendum, another conservative screwball from the same corrupt party, Serban Nicolae, rationalized the PSD efforts to scapegoat same-sex couples.

“We’ve been a Christian nation for 2,000 years,” he said.

Christian Romania has a history of scapegoating. It was an ally of Nazi Germany in 1939 and killed at least 280,000 Romanian Jews and 11,000 Roma.


Does Kim Davis only have one fugly blouse?

And speaking of “Christians,” Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who infamously denied marriage certificates to same sex couples, traveled to Romania last year to campaign for the marriage ban. 

Fortunately, not all modern-day Romanians are as eager as the scandal-embroiled PSD to persecute their fellow citizens, opting to perhaps go to the pubs instead of Bucharest voting stations, which were observed to be deserted on Sunday afternoon.

“The aggressiveness of the ‘Yes’ campaign, the attempt to instill hatred against a minority, has made Romanians reticent to vote,” sociologist Gelu Duminica explained.


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