‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Premiere, Epic Running Time Announced

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Already mourning the inevitable end of Drag Race All Stars 3? Terrified that you’ll enter withdrawals and sink into an endless void of despair? Worried you’ll slowly distance yourself from friends and family as you attempt to reclaim the person you once were — if there’s even any “person” left of which to speak?   

Well, Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race will premiere a week after All Stars 3 ends, so calm the fuck down.

And not only that, but each episode of Season 10 will be a gargantuan 90 minutes long — immediately followed by a 30 minute episode of Untucked. That’s two hours of Drag Race a week! Imagine the business your local fey watering hole will do.

“To celebrate a decade of Drag Race we’ve pulled out all the stops. The queens, the challenges and the shenanigans are off the mother-tucking charts,” Mother RuPaul said in a press release. “And I’m thrilled that Untucked is back on VH1. ’Cause, henny, if you ain’t watching Untucked, you’re only getting half the story. Okurrr?”

There’s no word yet on whether Untucked will have to shift away from its “French New Weave” lewk in order to fit the demands of primetime. However, we can be sure that producers will need to up the drama every week, because there hasn’t been nearly enough drink throwing on Untucked in recent years.  

Anyway, we can say with 15% certainty that the Season 10 cast will include at least one of these following queens. (This is based on data compiled from Reddit, social media, and our own common sense.)

  1. Asia T. O’Hara, a pageant queen with her own design company
  2. Aquaria, an expert Sophia the Robot impersonator from NYC
  3. Blair St. Clair, an Indiana queen who broke the terms of her DUI to go film Drag Race
  4. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams, an Albuquerqueen who works as a hairstylist and looks eerily like Farrah Moan
  5. Mayhem Miller, an L.A. queen with a talent for crafting
  6. Miz Cracker, a multi-talented NYC queen whose drag mom is Bob the Drag Queen
  7. Monet X Change, another multi-talented NYC queen whose drag mom is Bob the Drag Queen (except she’s also an opera singer)
  8. The Vixen, a Chicago hip hop artist
  9. Eureka O’Hara, who was eliminated from Season 9 after she injured her ankle during a challenge
  10. You.

Season 10 premieres Thursday, March 22 on VH1.

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