If I’d Seen ‘Love Simon’ in High School, It Would’ve Saved My Life


By Evan Lambert When I came out in middle school, my classmates called me a pervert and avoided me in the hallway. In high school, my peers oscillated between openly mocking me and gossiping about me behind my back. I was told I belonged in a zoo; I was told I couldn’t give blood; I…

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Flagrant’s Top And Bottoms: 7 Best, 2 Worst LGBTQ Films Of 2017

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It’s been about a year since Moonlight won Best Picture at the Oscars, and the effects of that historical moment have been palpable. Openly queer characters have popped up everywhere from romantic comedies to Marvel superhero spectaculars, and mainstream films with explicit gay sex and full-frontal male nudity have only drawn PG ratings. Even Disney…

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Five Movies You Definitely Need To See In August

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Oh, the dog days of summer…If you’re not near a beach or a beer bust, it’s too hot to do much besides take refuge in an air conditioned movie theater. August typically competes with January as the dumping ground for movies, but here are five — comedies, dramas and a must-see documentary — that will…

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