Bey Slays: Beyonce Reunites Destiny’s Child, Dominates Coachella

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It’s cute that Leonardo DaVinci ever thought his Vitruvian Man would be considered the gold standard of human perfection. After Bey’s superhuman Coachella performance and “surprise” Destiny’s Child reunion yesterday, it might be time to update DaVinci’s illustration of “ideal human proportions” with Beyonce’s face and a lapel mic. Of course, we already knew that…

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Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumors Have Fans Jumpin Jumpin


I don’t think you’re ready for this gossip … Sorry. Now that’s out of our system, we can bite into the jelly center of this story. Destiny’s Child, a.k.a. the #1 “Survivor” of the First Recorded Mass Extinction of Beloved Late ’90s/Early Aughts Pop Bands, is rumored to be planning a comeback show at none…

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