Top DOJ Lawyer Leaves To Fight Sessions, Trump LGBT Discrimination

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In the latest blow to the Trump administration, a top lawyer at the Justice Department just pulled a total turncoat move — a Selma Blair-towards-the-end-of-Legally-Blonde-move — and switched sides in the fight for justice.

Diana Flynn, who has been chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division Appellate Section since the ‘80s, has announced she will leave her post to become the litigation director for Lambda Legal, a top LGBTQ rights organization that is in direct conflict with Sessions’ elfin brand of homophobia.

“I never really expected to leave,” Flynn told Buzzfeed on Wednesday about her past working for the Civil Rights Division Appellate Section, which chiefly aimed to superimpose the federal government’s agenda onto circuit courts. “But it appears to me — at this crucial time for LGBT rights — to make the arguments I want to make and take positions I want to take, I would be much better situated at Lambda Legal than I am at Justice.”

In other words, Flynn, a trans woman, will no longer have to sell her soul to the devil every day just to keep her job. Now, she can face off against Sessions’ vile beliefs in court and fight for her fellow queer and trans citizens. Sessions, of course, is known for rolling back several pro-LGBT policies during his time as Attorney General, including pro-trans policies that Flynn herself helped establish during the Obama administration.

However, as Buzzfeed points out, Flynn will likely be in a position where she must face off against former colleagues, which sounds very Charles Xavier and Magneto in X-Men — except instead of fighting over the fate of mutantkind, they’ll fight over homophobia.

But Flynn isn’t the first to leave  — and won’t be the last.

“You are seeing a brain drain out of the DOJ that is not normal, and it is a reflection of how aberrant this attorney general has been,” said Sharon McGowan, the strategy director of Lambda Legal to Buzzfeed. McGowan herself is a former staffer of the Appellate Section at DOJ’S Civil Rights Division.

If this eventually culminates in a courtroom faceoff between all the former members of the Appellate Section at DOJ’s Civil Rights Division and, er, basically just Jeff Sessions acting as sole representative of the Justice Department, then we’ll be the first to bust out the popcorn.

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