Trumpocalypse 2017: Puerto Rico Edition


Aaaaaaah. One feels so fortunate to have a bathroom with a door and to have access to food.

Such a feeling of contentment soon dissolves when plugging back in on Saturday afternoon to see that Puerto Rico and the citizens suffering there probably do not have a bathroom or a home or food. Its infrastructure and everything was destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Maria last week, and still is not receiving the necessary rescue actions it needed days ago.

Cher is accurate in tweeting:




To recap events of the last day and a half, on Friday Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan made a desperate plea on camera, “I am begging. Begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying. And you are killing us with the inefficiency.”

She did mention President Cheeto, with slow and careful enunciation, asking him to “make sure someone is in charge, that is up to the task of saving lives.” In the video, Cruz is seen standing in front of stacks of privately donated food, clearly not enough, as she warns “something close to genocide” will transpire if food and water are not effectively distributed soon.

Saturday, from Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey, Candy-Corn-in-Chief surprised no one with a series of tweets that praised himself, called Puerto Ricans lazy, suggested Puerto Rico owns the destruction and the U.S. is doing a favor by sending 10,000 workers (reports say it’s really 4,000, and Army Veteran Phillip Carter estimates 50,000 support troops are needed), then accused Democrats of telepathically instructing Mayor Cruz to be “nasty” towards him. He also called the press “Fake News Networks” for truthfully reporting on the worsening conditions in Puerto Rico.

About 3.4 million U.S. citizens on the island are without food, water, power, and cell phone service.

Many called out Meathead’s inflated-ego-blinding lack of sympathy. Lin-Manuel Miranda issued a succinctly biting tweet in defense of Mayor Cruz.

CNN Contributor Jason Kander (great-nephew of Cabaret composer John Kander) shared a photo of Cruz waist deep in water:


Meanwhile Chump continues to tweet from his luxurious golf resort. However, it seems White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is now supervising his Twitter presence in attempt to stop this current public relations nightmare, as the more recent language is far more positive and sane. As of this writing, a @realDonaldTrump tweet from 37 minutes ago reads:


Perhaps John Kelly can convince him to do a Tom Price and #Resign.

UPDATE (of course!): Never mind the civility. Moments ago he tweeted:


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