Twitter Works To Resolve Blocked ‘Bisexual’ Searches


For every one good thing Twitter has done for our country, it has also helped Donald Trump get elected. Sure, a rogue Twitter employee helped silence the Dumpster for a beautiful eleven minutes last week, but Twitter also allowed Russian hackers to spread inflammatory fake scandals about liberals in the months leading up to the 2016 election. Sure, Twitter suspended Trump ally Roger Stone from using the platform after he threatened the lives of CNN staffers, but it has also allowed white supremacists to spit out the n-word and blast out Nazi imagery on a daily basis. In its most recent move, it accidentally blocked users from searching the word “bisexual” because it is “typically associated with adult content.” So basically, Twitter not only associated bisexuality with dirtiness but also literally made it invisible.  

Twitter users obviously didn’t love the news, and some accused the social media giant of “discrimination based on sexual orientation.” Others pointed out the hypocrisy of a social media service that nurtures anti-American Russian bots while effectively silencing an entire sexual minority.

To save face, Twitter announced Sunday afternoon it was “working quickly to resolve” the problem, before tweeting some more and then proceeding to not fix the issue by Tuesday morning.

Via its official account, Twitter admitted that “certain words related to sexuality … did not populate complete results,” before adding that “bisexual” was on an outdated list of terms “typically associated with adult content.”

Cool, so this was all just a major accident. Now, if Twitter could do something about the tremendous number of white supremacists “accidentally” spending their days stoking and spewing hatred in even the most innocent social spaces, that would be awesome. Our country may be divided, but considering our unhealthy reliance on technology and social media, we’d probably quickly welcome some inspiring leadership from our tech giants. We definitely aren’t getting it from anywhere else.


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