U.S. Votes With Iraq, Others For LGTBQ Death Penalty

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Because the Trump administration hasn’t already made it clear enough that it holds almost the entire human race in disdain, Trump’s pick for U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has voted against a resolution that would make it more difficult to impose a death penalty on homosexuals and adulterers.

“The question of the death penalty” resolution to censure severe punishments for consensual same-sex relations was passed Friday by the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The United States joined such consistent human rights champions (LOL) as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq in voting against the resolution.

Just think about that: The United States, formerly known as a world leader in progressive human rights movements, has joined some of the worst human rights violators in the world to formally support a death penalty for queer people.

But according to Andre du Plessis, Head of UN Programme and Advocacy, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the current administration disrespects queer people (even though it does.) He told Gay Star News:

“The United States has the death penalty and has a consistent record of voting no on resolutions that are against it. Essentially, it is important to see the United State’s ‘no’ vote is therefore on the wider application of death penalty – rather than the issues of consensual same-sex relationships.”

So basically, the United States is just pro-murder in general. Coolcool.

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