UK’s Largest LGBT Charity Withdraws From Pride In London Over ‘Lack Of Diversity’

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Racism in the queer community isn’t just a U.S. problem, as evidenced by some recent DRAMA surrounding this year’s Pride in London Festival.

Stonewall, Britain’s largest LGBT charity, withdrew support for Pride in London yesterday due to concerns over the festival’s “lack of diversity.” The charity announced it would instead contribute to UK Black Pride, an event for LGBT racial and ethnic minorities.

Some background: In 2017, the organizers of Pride in London rejected concerns raised by its own advisory board about the event not being inclusive enough of minorities. In response to this finding, a spokesperson for Pride in London said it did not believe the report reflected the majority view and was “inaccurate in many places.”

Well, DUH the report didn’t reflect the majority view. One quick glance at the Pride in London “About” page shows a packed room full of ecstatic white people — with only one person of color present. We can imagine a white alpha gay turning to her and asking, “Well, you think we’re inclusive enough, don’t YOU?” And with a room full of pissed off bitchy white dudes staring at her and seeking reassurance, she probably just didn’t want to be burned at the stake.

Still, the Pride in London page features a prominent link to its advisory board and insists on its commitment to diversity — so the group is obviously interested in optics, if not action.

And the group’s response to Stonewall’s decision is just as obtuse:

“We will always welcome Stonewall to march with Pride in the parade, and we hope to welcome their team at many community-driven events that will take place this year, during the Pride festival.”

We love how they tried to make it sound like the Stonewall folks just weren’t being team players and that Pride in London was above the drama. The shade of it all!

All we can do is hope that UK Black Pride thrives thanks to the support of Stonewall, and that all the cool people start flocking over to UK Black Pride’s own “community-driven events.” Meanwhile, the organizers of Pride in London will just have to settle for commiserating about their festival’s failure in a seedy corner pub while Googling “white privilege.”

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