The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Disneyland Goth Day Endangered


Of course Trump is to blame.

For 20 years, swarms of goths have been descending upon the Happiest Place on Earth for the delightfully macabre meet-up dubbed Bats Day in the Fun Park (in homage to the Batcave(?), the London nightclub that gave birth to goth subculture). Artificially pale humans dressed predominantly in black—as many as 8,000 in recent years—have been enjoying the Bats Day itinerary with such amenities as off-site parties, live music, a marketplace, and photos shot by official Disney photographers outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the Haunted Mansion. Groovy ghoulie participants had access to such perks as discounted park tickets, hotel rooms and keepsakes.

That such an eerie yet positive, surprisingly well-organized, un-Disneyfied endeavor has been occurring with annual precision for two decades at Disneyland proves that, with perseverance, anything is possible.

Alas, in 2016, a pile of stuffed orange skin was elected as U.S. President #45, the dusty scum of which has been snorted by greedy troll Republicans in the U.S. Congress, prompting them to fuck up tax laws in order to benefit their stodgy corporate friends, while simultaneously eliminating many tax deductions that have helped small businesses.

The entity of Bats Day, which falls into the small business category, was forced to recently hold a drastically scaled down Fun in the Park event on May 5-6. For example, the Haunted Mansion Ride group photo was “put into the grave,” however they did manage to have a “wake” at the nearby Hyatt Regency. Sadly, because of the overhauled tax laws, future versions of Bats Day will be much smaller in size.

“We really can’t do 100 percent of our deductions that we’ve always been able to do,” Bats Day founder Noah Korda said. “Mind you, we can still do some deductions, but it’s not nearly as much as what we have been able to do.”

Although it would be great to blame everything on the clacking dentures currently living in the White House, Korda thinks the goth phenomenon is waning.

“Honestly, I want to say goth pretty much died out around 2005 [or] 2006,” he explained. “Really, what the goth community was, it was all about the music. And unfortunately, due to the lack of new goth music coming it, it’s sort of metamorphosized into sort of like a, I guess you could say, like a style.”

Yet Korda (and this writer) holds a hope that Bats Day in the Fun Park will resurrect to its rightful spooktacular glory.

“It will still be there in one form or another,” said Korda. “It’s just unfortunately, on the grand scale of things, the full weekend [is] just unfortunately not going to happen. But…anything can happen. I could win the lottery tomorrow and the event would come back.”

In the meantime, let’s enjoy 1960s goth progenitor Screaming Lord Sutch to be assured that goth endures.

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One Response to “The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Disneyland Goth Day Endangered”

  1. Noah korda

    I guess my response got deleted by mistake.

    Thanks for the write up. Unfortunately the combination of info from other articles and embellishing on the wrong info along with not reporting on what the origins of the event actually was. Next time please actually contact us. We would be happy to talk to you, but we know click bait works everytime.

    PS…the event (park meet) isnt going anywhere.