Increasing Anti-LGBTQ Violence, Intolerance Directly Related To Trump Policies

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Sadly, it will come as little surprise to Flagrant readers that there is a significant uptick in acts of violence and intolerance toward LGBTQ-identifying American citizens since Cheeto Hitler took office. In just one horrible year, the #MeFirst president has enabled a whole host of unsavory hate-mongers to dictate and implement public policy that affects millions of folks.

Results of a GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) survey gives credence to our fears: there were 52 hate-related homicides in 2017, “an 86% increase” since 2016 when Obama was in office. Fifty-five percent of respondents to the 2017 GLAAD-commissioned (conducted by The Harris Poll) survey reported experiencing daily discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Furthermore, non-LGBTQ adults surveyed show an “erosion of tolerance,” as stated by GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, in just this past year, what with the terrible role models “leading” the country so poorly but so carefully tailoring propaganda that fits an evangelical agenda. The setbacks implemented, said Ellis, are “a permission slip for discrimination and bias,” and it has “permeated society.”

The devious messages the current administration have officially stood by include:

LGBTQ content removed from federal government websites in an eerily timely fashion right after sham Inauguration…poof, nothing to see here;

—a month later Justice and Education departments reversed Obama-era policy that implemented Title IX protections of transgender students’ rights to have access to facilities in accordance with their gender identity—as of this writing the author is nauseated by human garbage Betsy DeVos most of all, but that could change;

—in the summer, Trump tweeted his stupid ban on transgender people in the military. Although this has backfired the sentiment is still there, in that Dotard-in-Chief won’t hesitate to shank the scapegoat closest to his small hands. Obviously his presence causes the dry heaves too, simply because he is a gross mouth-breather;

—all the phony Christians easily got Trump to appoint their Heritage Foundation stealth candidate to head a needless division within the Department of Health and Human Services that will waste taxpayer dollars protecting bigots who refuse patients, like LGBTQ people, medical treatment based on religious beliefs.

In an opinion piece for Huffington Post, Beverly Tillery, the executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project, presented very similar statistics, but was more explicit. Tillery wrote:

“Brandi Seals, a black transgender woman, was shot to death in Houston on Dec. 13, becoming the country’s 22nd known trans woman of color to be killed in hate violence in 2017. Like many other transgender and gender non-conforming homicide victims, her gender identity and name were not initially acknowledged, even in death.”

From the Crisis of Hate report (the second year of the study carried out by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence), Tillery cites evidence of SEVEN more hate-related murders that occurred after Brandi Seals was killed before the end of 2017, which she directly links to the shameful policies the White House has executed. Victims of five of those killings in December were LGBTQ POCs, the two remaining murders were children of adult victims. The report reveals that hate-related homicides overall for 2017 “were overwhelmingly transgender women and queer, bi or gay cisgender men—and overwhelmingly people of color.” Unfortunately, such facts add extra incentive for old coots like Jeff Sessions to remain complicit. It should be stated that this coincidental “swift” increase of hate violence, intolerance and discrimination also targets POCs in general, immigrants, Muslims, Jewish and other communities that make easy scapegoats for Trump’s coven.

Though Tillery illustrates a dire picture, she wraps up her case by urging activism: speaking up, challenging biased speech and actions, getting involved with a NCAVP organization or similar group, and processing your outrage at the grassroots level, despite the oppressive tactics enacted by the current administration.

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