Barbra, Bette, Cher Find New Common Ground: Disgust With Trump

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Barbra Streisand. Bette Midler. Cher. Sure, they’re all diva entertainers of a certain age but listing the specific qualities shared by these three gay faves would require an essay the length of an encyclopedia. Our favorite is easy, however. It’s the intense disgust they feel toward our current president, each in a distinct way similar to her vocal styling. Streisand, perhaps the most elegant and thoughtful of vocalists, seems to select each word as carefully as she coordinates a Donna Karan ensemble in shades of ecru. Midler’s persona has always been brash and confrontational and she’s not one to hold her tongue, even on Twitter. Cher has always danced to her own drummer and her Twitter posts which incorporate emojis is the social media equivalent of an outrageous costume she’d wear to the Oscars.

Thankfully, each lady has a sworn common enemy: our president’s agenda to turn back the clock on civil rights. These three icons are using their social media platforms in the most positive way imaginable — by letting their huge number of followers know that what 45 is doing is not normal.

Streisand has used her golden voice to write impressive editorials for HuffPo and, as an avid news junkie, she frequently retweets well-researched articles that reflect her own viewpoint. See of her more notable tweets shading Trump below.

Midler uses her peerless comedy chops to give Trump a pounding whenever she can. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cher just fires on all cylinders at every word the “commander in chief” utters.

Here’s how they reacted to 45’s ban on trans people in the military.

Here’s how each responded to the president’s unconscionable decision to pardon notorious Sheriff Arpaio:

Midler screamed in ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation marks. We can relate.

Cher retweeted an article that detailed all the blood on Arpaio’s hands.

Streisand hasn’t yet commented on this atrocity. Maybe she needed a temporary diversion, such as her new puppy.

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