Celine Dion, Deadpool Make ‘Ashes’ Of Themselves


In case you didn’t already have enough to distract you from the fact that the world is on fire, there is now a video of Deadpool twirling to a Celine Dion song in high heels.

In the teaser for the much-anticipated Deadpool 2, Dion performs her new single, “Ashes,” which is conspicuously earnest, considering it’s a song from a Deadpool movie. But it quickly becomes apparent that “Ashes” — which includes the line, “And when I pray to God all I ask is, Can beauty come out of ashes?” — is not to be taken seriously.

Shortly after Dion begins power belting her way through the single, a man in a Deadpool suit (who we sincerely hoped was Ryan Reynolds, but was actually Yanis Marshall, a finalist from Britain’s Got Talent) sashays onto the stage and begins twirling like his life depends on it. Is this the most pansexual behavior that we’ll ever get from Deadpool? A silly joke that draws humor from the fact that a goofy male superhero is acting like a drag queen? Obviously, if we were in charge of this teaser, we would require Deadpool to end his dance in a full-on make-out sesh with a male backup dancer, but that’s just us.  

If anything, you’ll be able to appreciate Deadpool’s toned calves and perky buttocks as he breaks out moves which are as good as anything you’ve seen in a Lip Sync For Your Life. (Well, they’re at least better than that half-somersault-half-seizure that Monique Heart assaulted us with this week.)

It’s also fun to see Celine ham it up and parody her own serious persona: At many points during the video, she looks directly into the camera and overacts the shit out of her performance. At last, she seems to be aware that songs like “Ashes” are more for bachelorette parties and melodramatic wine nights with your besties than for serious groundbreaking reflection.

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