‘Deadpool 2’ Delivers Queer Relationship Other Superhero Franchises Teased


There might be a reason to see Deadpool 2 after all. P.S. SPOILER ALERT!

While Ryan Reynolds has been praised for his affecting, if exhausting and transparently needy, portrayal of the movie’s titular superhero, the movie has been knocked for its lack of decent action sequences and troubling sexism. (Critics have decried the film’s “fridging,” or lazy killing, of Deadpool’s girlfriend in order to heighten the movie’s emotional stakes.)

However, there’s one redeeming quality of the movie that almost makes up for Deadpool’s continual queerbaiting of the general population. Namely, the revelation that the character Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand, is not just queer but in a committed relationship with a female mutant named Yukio. What’s perhaps even more fascinating is that this character trait is treated as secondary to the fact that Negasonic Teenage Warhead can create nuclear explosions with her mind. In fact, it’s seen as more of a character quirk than a groundbreaking story element that Negasonic can send monster trucks hurling with just a look while having an adorable girlfriend.

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At least, we assume she can send monster trucks hurling with just a look. We haven’t actually seen the movie, due to the aforementioned lack of action sequences, fridging, and neediness.

Reportedly, Reynolds himself lobbied for Negasonic’s character, who has always read as butch, to have a girlfriend in the sequel. Presumably, this was to earn back some karma points after shamelessly touting Deadpool’s supposed pansexuality while never acting on it in the films.

“It feels really good, as a member of the LGBTQ community myself … to be paving that path,” said Hildebrand herself recently to TooFab .

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So that’s all well and good. However, we must make a correction to our statement earlier in this post. There is a second reason to see Deadpool 2: It’s an opportunity to ogle that giant silver naked hunk, Colossus.

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