Killer Heels: Ryan Reynolds’ Anti-Hero Gets His Kicks In ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer

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Deadpool 2 finally has an official trailer, and it’s promising lots of Deadpool’s “devil-may-care attitude” and “strong thighs” — in addition to a moment in which Ryan Reynolds sexually harasses an X-Man.

That image comes courtesy of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool grabbing the X-Man Colossus’ curvy, muscular ass during an otherwise normal hug, which will probably coincidentally be the movie’s one sad stab at queerness. It’s a far cry from “Deadpool having a boyfriend,” which is an idea that Reynolds himself floated last summer.

But alas, we can still revel in those aforementioned strong thighs, which gloriously get some screen time in this trailer. There’s also the pleasure of seeing Deadpool try on several campy outfits throughout the trailer (including spike heels worn during a brutal strip club fight), as if he were participating in the “99 Cent Store Challenge” on RuPaul’s Drag Race this week.

deadpool ryan reynolds flashdance

What a feeling! “DP2” teaser poster spoofed iconic “Flashdance” scene.

We can also glean a few details about the film’s plot from this trailer, including that Deadpool will be assembling a team of mutants called the X-Force — which are definitely not the X-Men but with a different name. And judging by the titillating shots of mutants that appear in this trailer, we can expect the X-Force to contain:

  • Domino, a mutant who can alter luck;
  • An unnamed sexy chick who swings a chain-link weapon that glows with electricity;
  • A badass warrior mutant who didn’t finish college; and
  • Terry Crews, demonstrating his full acting range of “exasperated.”

All in all, it looks like Deadpool 2 is setting up a new superhero franchise to rival Justice League, the X-Men, and the Avengers — except this one will have a lot of meta commentary. (Deadpool literally says at one point that he is assembling the team for their “franchise potential.”)

Oh, and there’s a lot of moist n’ meaty Josh Brolin, who now somehow has two roles in major superhero franchises. (He’s also Thanos, the Big Bad of Avengers: Infinity War.) As for his role in Deadpool 2, he’s playing Cable, an X-Force member who inexplicably wants to kill an unnamed mutant kid (Maori child actor Julian Dennison – amazing in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, seen at one point blowing up an ICE truck, yasss.)

There’s also a shot of Deadpool wearing a bulky black collar with little red lights on it, so maybe this movie will have a sub-plot about bondage. (Get it?)

Deadpool 2 twerks into movie theaters on May 18.

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