Is Dennis Rodman Behind Proposed U.S., North Korea Talks?

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In 2013, retired pro basketball player, amateur cross-dresser Dennis Rodman became one of the first known Americans to have met with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un — and now, possibly, he is the first person to have helped set up a face-to-face meeting between a U.S. President and a North Korean leader. Oh, and he was famously canned when he spelled Melania Trump’s name wrong on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Just seven months after boasting he would greet North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen,” Trump is now declaring that he will travel to the country to meet with Kim. Lil’ Kim, for his part, is apparently “committed to denuclearization” and is just as happy to meet with the mammoth-assed Cheeto. Honestly, we’re totally fine with this sure-to-be-hilarious scenario: After all, it’s a far cry from nuclear holocaust.

And Rodman, of course, has been shipping Trump and Kim for years: At one point, he even gave Kim Jong Un The Art of the Deal as a gift. (He has also insisted in the past that Trump and Kim “are pretty much the same people.”) Now, he’s reacting to the budding friendship like a proud matchmaker. “Big respect to President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un for their historic meeting coming up,” he said Friday, in response to the news.

Of course, it’s unclear if Rodman’s friendship with Kim had anything to do with Trump’s change of heart. However, we’re still hoping that Trump brings Rodman along to meet Kim as a reward for his many years of service as the unofficial U.S. Ambassador to North Korea. Maybe he’ll don wedding drag like he did in 1996 for the release of his autobiography, “Bad as I Wanna Be.”

And there’s even reason to think this might happen: Although Trump has assigned Dennis Rodman a pejorative Twitter nickname (“Crazy Dennis Rodman”) in the past, he clearly has no real ill feelings towards the man. It’s only when Trump taps into his full creative powers that you know he really hates a person. (See: “Rocket Man,” “maniac,” “madman” ) all adorable nicknames he’s called Kim Jong Un.

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