Voter Fraud: Fake President Botches Fake News Awards

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Just like Trump’s plans to build a wall, his vows to Make America Great Again, and his promises to value the lives of all American citizens, his planned “Fake News Awards” turned out to be a load of bullshit.

Similar to the Razzies, which “reward” the worst films, screenplays, and actors of every year, the “Fake News Awards” were reportedly going to name the “worst reporting” and “worst journalists” of the year.  But it took Trump weeks of failed deadlines and half-assery to finally unveil the awards, and once he did, he utterly screwed them up. After announcing the “FAKE NEWS winners” on Twitter at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Trump linked to a defunct website which sported an error message. When the website finally started working, it turned out to be just a press release with the names of eleven reporters and networks which literally anyone could have guessed — even Eric Trump.

The “winners” were CNN (a four-time winner!), The New York Times, ABC, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek.

Obviously, we shouldn’t be surprised that another one of Trump’s half-baked schemes has failed, but we were honestly looking forward to this one. Like, if there was ONE WEEK that Trump should have actually cut back on TV binges and gotten his shit together, it was this one! Where was the white carpet and staff? And the “MeToo” pins signifying everyone who is complicit in the administration’s crimes? And what about Kellyann Conway? We were cheated out of an opportunity to see her latest outfit that she stole from a community theater costume shop!

Also, who was on the Planning Committee for this ceremony? When Trump’s administration polled the public and asked them to vote on the supposed worst examples of fake news of the past year, they only provided three examples, and they were all relatively lame. That’s like a prom committee “narrowing down” the potential themes to “Night in Paris” and “Starry Night.”

Another potential reason for Trump’s complete failure to deliver on this one actual bright spot of his administration is bipartisan criticism. Republican stalwart (and actual stable genius) John McCain spoke out against Trump’s “Fake News Awards” and criticism of the press in a Washington Post op-ed on Tuesday, calling the Trump administration’s attitude towards the press “inconsistent at best and hypocritical at worst.”

For real, though. Let’s not forget that Trump is the one who spent years peddling totally unfounded conspiracy theories about Obama’s birthplace and the Central Park Five, and who still seems convinced he had the “largest crowd to witness an inauguration, period.” So who, really, should be winning top honors at the Fake News Awards?

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