Fake Prince George Instagram Imagines Bitchy Royal Intrigue

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At last, the truth comes out: Meghan Markle is a classless imposter and pretender to the Crown who will stop at nothing to tear apart the Royal Family — and Prince George is the only one who can end her reign of destruction. Or at least, that’s how he sees it, according to one hilarious TV writer.

In the eyes of Will & Grace and Family Guy writer Gary Janetti, the very expressive Prince George has been imagined as a Machiavellian narcissist hellbent on destroying the reputation of Markle, his biggest competitor for the public’s love and adoration. On his Instagram account, @garyjanetti, he has crafted a long-form Game of Thrones-style narrative in which George is a manipulative Cersei-like figure who would just as soon detonate TNT under the Royal Palace before allowing Markle to become more beloved than him. Highlights from Janetti’s Instagram account have included such moments as George reminding Markle “there is ONE star in this family” after she announced her engagement last fall.

“He’s obsessed with the royal bloodline and people knowing their place in it,” said Janetti to The New York Times about his ongoing Instadrama. “I see him as this Shakespearean character.”

Janetti then added, “I find it a bummer if someone thinks I personally don’t like her,” after the Times assumed, wrongly, that Janetti himself was a bitch just because he could write from a bitch’s perspective.

In fact, the Times asked Janetti a couple of leading questions that painted him as a bitter queen working out his own personal issues by targeting a helpless, innocent child. At one point, the interviewer also called Janetti’s take “snarky,” forcing him to defend himself as an artist in the way that, say, a just-as-snarky Stephen Colbert would not have to do. However, Janetti is also married to the extremely snarky Brad Goreski, so we’re going to give the Times the benefit of the doubt and assume they weren’t just stereotyping Janetti because he’s gay.

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