Feckless Trump: Ivanka Praises Daddy For Ending Humanitarian Crisis He Started


Ivanka is still stanning for her dad, despite his humanitarian crimes and creepy desire to fuck her. Remember when we all thought she was a well-adjusted, selfless angel from God sent to deliver us from our sins? LOL.  

After Donnie J signed an executive order to stop family separations (by locking entire families up together), Ivanka suddenly noticed that she was at the center of a humanitarian crisis and commented on this fact.

“Thank you @POTUS for taking critical action ending family separation at our border,” she tweeted, from her dad’s lap. “Congress must now act + find a lasting solution that is consistent with our shared values.”

As Twitter user Kristen Burger put it, “[Trump] created the separation to begin with!! You don’t thank an arsonist for putting out the fire he started.”

Yes, Kristen. You don’t thank a mugger for completing his mugging. You don’t thank a murderer for ending his murder. You don’t thank a Starbucks employee for finally not being racist.

Pundit Ana Navarro also chimed in via Twitter: “Thank you”? For what? Your daddy single-handedly created a policy which caused endless suffering and grief to thousands of children. He lied about it. He reversed it only due to mass national outrage. Samantha Bee should have full-stopped at “feckless”. Hard to argue with that.

Of course, Ivanka has been ignorant of the realities of this scandal since Day One. As celebrities, Democrats, and moral Republicans (an oxymoron, yes) have effectively drawn attention to the horrors at the border, Ivanka has taken to sharing pictures of herself cuddling with her son on Instagram and declaring her love for her definitely warm and empathetic father, Donald J. Trump.

What’s worse is that Trump’s new policy probably won’t do much, as there’s no evidence that Trump even has the legal authority to keep entire families locked up for longer than 20 days. Thus, his executive action is really only setting the stage for a showdown between the federal government and human rights activists in court. Meanwhile, Ivanka will continue to ignore everything as long as she gets her allowance from daddy every month.

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