Madonna Parties With Kim K, Cardi B, Homophobe

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The Material Girl/Woman/Lady threw a kray post-Oscars bash Sunday, where rapper Cardi B performed a short set before posing with Madge and Kim Kardashian-West in a photo booth sesh. Afterwards, KK tweeted out, “Looking forward to the collaboration, ladies.”

Taking into consideration Kim K’s verrrrrry limited talents, we’re going to assume her role in all this will be to just stand there. But what about Madonna and Cardi? Will they collab on a new single? And what will it be called? “Like a Bodak?” “Take a Bodak?” “The Power of Good-Bodak?” (Sorry, we can’t remember any other Cardi B songs.)

But would Cardi be cool with Madonna rocking a white suit and cane and then chasing her around a maze for three minutes in a vaguely lesbionic music video like her duet with Britney in “Me Against the Music?” Let’s face it, Madge’s collabos are often terrible. Who can forget her 2009 track with Lil Wayne called “Revolver?” You did.

Or maybe this was all just a ploy for Madonna to get Cardi and Kim K back to her place so that she could feed on their blood and secure another twenty years of life in her current form.

Whatever the case may be, the collab is a fairly obvious way for the Queen of Pop to reinvent herself once again by aligning herself with the youths of today. But it’s still sort of disheartening to see the gay icon align with Cardi B, who still hasn’t backtracked on her defense of her homophobic BF, Offset.

Or maybe this is secretly a way for Madonna to recruit Cardi B to the right side of history. Maybe all it will take for Cardi B to see the ray of light (see what we did there?) is a three-way makeout with Carly Rae Jepsen at the MTV Music Awards.

Anyway, Cardi B noted that Madonna is one of her “own idols,” which is pretty out-of-left-field, tbh. We’d love to find out more about that.

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One Response to “Madonna Parties With Kim K, Cardi B, Homophobe”

  1. Frank Rodriguez

    This shit is just typical. Migos put the NO HOMO in their lyrics to preserve their Atlanta street cred but happily take designer glamour from gays in their new luxury lifestyles. Blood is on their hands. Madonna should know better.