Olympic Medalist Adam Rippon At 13 Was Already Charming, Modest, Insanely Talented

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An unearthed interview from 2003 is proving that ice gazelle/Olympic medalist Adam Rippon has always been charming, modest, and ridiculously talented.

While chatting with Pennsylvania TV station WNEP-TV, which is now probably a pile of smoldering rubble after the riots induced by the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, Rippon gushed about his first time aboard a plane, his first time aboard a train, and his first time visiting Europe. Despite being only 13 years old, he managed to make it to all the best spots in Europe, just before winning a gold medal at a skating championship. Damn! It takes most gay men until their mid 30s to get to the point where they can brag about their careers and their casual trips to Europe!

Still, the young Rippon remained modest, adding that he visited the Olympics Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, and left it a very humbled teenager.

When you see, like, all these things about other people who have won the Olympics and everything, you think that you’ve done a great thing,” Rippon told reporter Jim Coles. “But you’re still so far away.”

And then he did some difficult and impressive twirling, which is definite proof that he has always been an ice gazelle. However, Rippon also came off as fairly hetero in his interview, which suggests that Rippon was also good at sublimating his gayness into other pursuits. (See: twirling.)

We presume he was also something of a teacher’s pet or top student in ice skating school, judging by this quote:

“All the little things that your coach tells you, you always have to remember them. And you always have to try not to overdo it, just to do it. So as long as you remember everything your coach tells you, you’ll be OK.”

Also, the other thing we learned from this is that Adam Rippon is from Scranton?!? We wonder if he dated Oscar from The Office when he got older!

Behold the adorable, teenage Rippon for yourself here:


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