State Department Envoy Resigns With Not-Too-Subtle Hidden Message


This morning the U.S. State Department’s science envoy Professor Daniel Kammen tweeted out—the official way to conduct federal government business now, thanks to who?—his resignation to Trump. Coincidentally, as several retweeters have noticed, the first letters of each paragraph spell IMPEACH. Interestingly, last week the entire Committee on the Arts and the Humanities tweeted their resignation to Trump. The first paragraphs in that letter, composed by Kal Penn, spell RESIST.IMPEACH

The tweet of Kammen, who has served for 21 years in various roles in the Departments of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department, tells the mouthbreather-in-chief, “Your response to Charlottesville enables racism, sexism, & harms our country and planet.”

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