Stormy’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Details Trump Affair, Cover Up, Threats

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Throughout his career, Anderson Cooper has visited disaster zones and fought for the disenfranchised, all while living his life openly and honestly — but yesterday, he reached new heights by bravely interviewing a porn star. Unfortunately, the biggest “revelations” from Cooper’s Sunday night interview with Stormy Daniels  — which Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti had hyped…

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Sexy Minutes: Anderson Cooper Preps Stormy Interview, Splits With BF

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There’s so much secrecy surrounding adult film performer Stormy Daniels’ upcoming “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper that we’re expecting revelations no less explosive than the names and locations of every secret bunker containing Donald Trump’s love children. Although Stormy’s publicity-savvy (or should we say “publicity hungry,” and some might say hot AF daddy, Michael…

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