‘Venom’ Teaser Trailer Features Tom Hardy As Intense ‘Anti-Superhero’

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A new teaser trailer for the “anti-superhero” film Venom is promising violence, shadiness, and footage of Tom Hardy running across various landscapes.

After opening up on the very familiar sci-fi trope of depicting a placid mountain scene before revealing it to just be a digital screen projecting a placid mountain scene (“HOW DID THEY DO THAT?” you ask for the five hundredth time), the trailer cuts to footage of Tom Hardy hunched over and strolling through the streets of San Francisco while presumably coming up with new raps and thinking about that time in prep school when he fooled around with another guy.


Gratuitous Hardy beefcake.

According to nerds who know shit about comic books, Hardy is apparently playing the character of Eddie Brock, a photographer who turned into a vicious mutant after messing around with some jet-black alien goo. Sure enough, there are shots of a mysterious crash site in this trailer, which suggests that some jet-black alien goo does, in fact, make its way into Eddie Brock’s life at some point. Alas, all great love stories need a beginning.

The Amazing Spider Man

Venom’s first appearance. Cover of “The Amazing Spider-Man” #300, May 1988

While we never actually see Tom Hardy as Venom at any point in this trailer, we do see shots of Riz Ahmed looking sexy and sinister, as well as a shot of Michelle Williams (recently robbed of an Oscar nomination for the Kevin Spacey-less All The Money In The World) looking mildly concerned.

According to director Ruben Fleischer, we can also expect a few unexpected surprises.

“I can promise you badass action, Venom’s dark humor, and I can also promise you an absolutely stunning performance by Tom Hardy,” said Fleischer recently.

Fleischer also helmed the very good Zombieland and the very bad Gangster Squad, which suggests that Venom will be extremely … moderate?

Venom will bring Tom Hardy and his gay thoughts/great ass to theaters this fall.



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