Will & Grace & Trump: Hit Show Returns With Unseen Major Character


President Trump either hasn’t seen Will & Grace yet, or his aides have somehow convinced him that it isn’t actually returning and that the whole press tour was just a dream. Surely, they must know that if Trump were to catch wind of the premiere episode last night, he might actually permanently fuse with his phone and spend the entire rest of his life tweeting about how Grace Adler’s interior design work is overrated. Needless to say, Will & Grace went in hard on Trump last night.

In an episode that swiftly explained away the events of the beloved show’s series finale (Will and Grace never grew old; it was all a dream sequence!), the Fab Four found themselves traveling to the White House for Grace’s latest interior design assignment: The Oval Office. The setup created plenty of opportunities for Trump jokes, including Karen sitting on the couch like Kellyanne Conway and Grace pulling out a bag of Cheetos as a color reference for the curtains. (“I need to make sure the drapes work well with his coloring.”) There also just happened to be a fidget and Russian-English dictionary on Trump’s desk.

If its political motives weren’t already clear enough, the show doubled down with its message by having the gang leave behind a “Make America Gay Again” hat in the Oval Office. For a show frequently credited for normalizing queerness and taking jabs at President George Dubya, it wasn’t too surprising of a move.  

Overall, it was a welcome and successful return to form for the Emmy-winning show, and a ratings hit for NBC. Alas, Karen is still a Trump supporter, but that could still change by the end of the season.

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