Defending Her Trump Love, Roseanne Tells Kimmel To ‘Zip That F###in Lip’

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Roseanne Barr? More like Grosseanne Barf!

(Sorry. In the spirit of the #MarchForOurLives going on today, we’ve decided to use only high school-level insults.)

Anyway, we’re heated because Barr went on noted progressive Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and disingenuously played down her past support of President Trump.

When Kimmel reminded Roseanne that she had formerly accused Hillary Clinton of being a “murderer” on Twitter, she shouted, “I did not! I deleted it!” To be fair, that’s a solidly-constructed joke (if she meant it that way), but still. There’s no fooling us.

And praise the lawd for John Goodman, whose sarcasm is snatched.

When Barr admitted, “I had some disagreement with [Hillary Clinton’s] foreign policy,” Goodman intoned, “Because she had one.”

Then Barr tried making Kimmel look like a hypocrite by pointing out his past criticisms of Clinton (which is super fair, to be honest), but he wasn’t having any of this.

“Never mind her!” Kimmel parried. “How about the Capt. Whacko we’ve got running the country here?!”

But then Barr made another surprisingly and disconcertingly rational argument:

“You want Pence for the frickin President? Well then zip that fuckin lip!” she told Kimmel.

And then Roseanne Barr turned to the audience and dropped some more helpful and relevant wisdom, as if she were not a Trump supporter and actually just the Mother Theresa that this country needs.

“It’s up to us to make this government work, no matter who is president,” she said. “Let them know, if you don’t like it, you’ve got another election in two years, and get out and vote. Change it if you don’t like it.”

If it weren’t for the fact that she absolutely 100% supported Capt. Whacko and also gave him a larger platform than he ever deserved — and is probably just doing all this for attention — then we’d almost listen to her.

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