Will Roseanne’s Trump Love Sink Reboot?

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When Roseanne Barr first learned that her eponymous sitcom would be renewed in the wake of the 2016 election, she reportedly said, “As soon as I saw the election results, I knew we’d be back.” Earlier this week, Roseanne confirmed she not only voted for Trump, but she praised his financial acumen, while ranting about “identity politics.”

Out of all the ’90s reboots hitting the airwaves — and there are many (Twin Peaks, Will & Grace among them) — Roseanne is by far the most Trump-friendly. The show was first and foremost about a moderate, working-class family trying to make ends meet — and a huge chunk of Trump’s base is working class. (Of course, that doesn’t mean working class families are actually benefiting from Trump’s presidency.) In addition, Barr has not been subtle about her affinity for Trump. She even received a personal “thank you” from the man on Twitter when she praised him over Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly reported on a cast table read. Almost all of the original cast was present, with the exception of Johnny Galecki — whose character David will be the father of the youngest gender fluid kid on TV — might not be a part of the show. In a pair of photos of the reboot’s first table read, Galecki is nowhere to be found.




According to Galecki’s on-screen wife, the openly gay Sara Gilbert, Galecki is simply trying to juggle his role in the reboot with his starring role on The Big Bang Theory.

“We are in productive talks [with Johnny] and are hopeful it will work out,” said Gilbert recently to TVLine.

Gilbert’s character Darlene will have two kids with Galecki’s David in the reboot, and one of them will reportedly be the gender creative Mark. While the TV shows Billions and Degrassi: Next Class already feature gender non-binary characters, this will easily make Mark the youngest gender non-binary character to ever appear on TV (if he identifies that way.)

It’s a surprising move, considering Roseanne Barr’s ongoing support of Trump’s presidency and her public disdain for intersectionality and “libtards.” While Barr has taken down some of her inflammatory tweets in the months since the Roseanne reboot was announced, and subsequently went into production, she has still retweeted InfoWars reports, alt right conspiracies, Donald Trump, Jr. posts and general anti-Semitic nonsense. 

Barr is on record as saying the reboot is not about Trump, but how could it not be? As mentioned earlier, Barr is on record stating that the only reason she has a steady acting job again is because of Trump getting elected.

We were excited about being reunited with the extended Conner family, but Barr’s ongoing Hillary and Obama-bashing and Trump-lovin’ is definitely sinking our enthusiasm.

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