‘Pretty’ Funny: Amy Schumer Returns With Body Positive Comedy


Remember when people loved Amy Schumer? But then they hated her, because of a few problematic stunts and, well, sexism? Well, now people are loving her again. In her latest appearance on Ellen, Schumer showed up dressed like a baby — and while we kind of wish she had gone full “adult baby” and donned…

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Zach Wahls Announces Senate Bid, Famously Defended Lesbian Moms

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Zach Wahls, who defended same-sex marriage in 2011’s most-watched political video, is seeking a seat as Iowa State Senator. At the time that speech went viral, Wahls was an extremely omniscient 19-year-old who showed himself as a living example that his two moms—Jackie Reger and Terry Wahls—raised a superb citizen on the cusp of a…

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