Tiffany Trump Does NYC Pride While Her Father Continues Dismantling LGBTQ Rights

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Tiffany Trump is just trying to live her best life, y’all. Can’t we let her have that? She’s a person too, you know!

… is what we have never said, ever.

There’s no question that Tiffany has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of Trump family nepotism, but let’s not pretend she doesn’t capitalize on her last name. Remember: She DID attend her dad’s rallies, so she was possibly angling for the same sorts of positions that her half-sister and Jared Kushner have gotten.

So who the fuck let her into NYC’s LGBTQ Pride parade?

Trump and one of her gay besties, designer Andrew Warren traipsed about New York yesterday in Pride gear and rainbow makeup, according to two photos posted by Warren on Instagram. But didn’t anyone have a problem with this? What self-respecting gay would want to be seen with any Trump? Shouldn’t there have been a Pride bouncer specifically hired to prevent daughters of fascist dictators from having a chill Sunday? “You have to EARN a chill Sunday,” the bouncer would say, before reminding Tiffany of the horrific and heartless setbacks that Donald Trump has made to the LGBTQ rights movement.

Or maybe Tiffany, through some miracle, managed to get into all the best parties without anyone ever finding out that her father impulsively banned transgender people from the military and hired an attorney general who supports firing queer people without cause.  

Anyway, she did it all in a black T-shirt with a rainbow-print skull emblazoned on it and skinny jeans, plus shiny pink sneakers and a studded black handbag, in case you were concerned that she didn’t look adorbs while she was enjoying Pride while her father continues to do his best undoing decades of hard-fought LGBTQ rights and protections.

Oh, and what’s Tiff’s latest IG post? Not pix from Pride, those might send the wrong message and infuriate daddy’s base. But a happy birthday message to her proud father.


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