Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI, Promises ‘Full Cooperation’ With Probe

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At this point, Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of the Trump administration is like the climactic scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman takes on the Crazy 88 — except Mueller is Uma Thurman and his Crazy Badass Murder Sword is the Law. (We suppose in this scenario that Mueller’s version of the Wedding is James Comey’s untimely fired?) Anyway, the stunning skill and patience that Mueller has exhibited thus far is making us weirdly attracted to him.

As we covered previously, Mueller has been circling former national security advisor Michael Flynn for some time now — and it seems he’s finally gone in for the kill. Flynn has now reportedly pled guilty to making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI about conversations with Russia’s ambassador.

The guilty plea is the latest sign that Flynn may be cooperating with Mueller in his investigation of the Trump administration’s collusion with Russia. Flynn will now be the first Trump administration official and fourth person connected to the campaign overall to be charged as part of the investigation. Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates were indicted last month, but pleaded not guilty. Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, however, pleaded guilty for making a false statement to the FBI about contacting officials connected to the Russian government.

Before pleading guilty to knowingly colluding with an enemy foreign power to get a paranoid kleptocrat elected as President, Flynn was previously famous for being national security advisor for less than a month. He sure is a drama queen.

Now, if Mueller could twist the knife by going after Flynn’s blithely over-privileged, golf-loving idiot son, that would be awesome. But we must remember that Uma didn’t defeat the Crazy 88 in just one swing of her sword. It took, like, five swings of her sword.

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