Size Queen Trump Tours Flood Ravaged Texas, Praises Crowd Numbers

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We’ve known for months that Trump is obsessed with size. Penis size. Border wall size. Crowd size. Maybe it’s overcompensation for his baby-sized hands. He’s been ridiculed for that since Spy Magazine reigned in the ‘80s, where he was routinely referred to as, “a short-fingered vulgarian.”

While touring the flood ravaged Gulf Coast of Texas, one of his first remarks was, “What a crowd. What a turnout!” Cold comfort to the tens of thousands left homeless by the hurricane and accompanying flooding from Hurricane Harvey. His lack of humility and empathy is stunning.

That cringe-inducing “speech” Trump made at the Phoenix Convention Center last week? Turns out he was in a bad mood that day. Backstage at the venue a television monitor revealed a tepid crowd size, and President Crybaby was furious.

“TV optics and crowd sizes are extremely important to the president,” said someone who witnessed the meltdown.

He should have been more patient (yeah right), because the space eventually did fill up with cheering goobers. But in characteristic Queen of Hearts management style, Trump had already banished event organizer George Gigicos, one of his four longest-serving political aides. Seems only Ivanka and maybe Barron have his loyalty, not sure about Melania. Of course Trump had someone else, top security aide Keith Schiller, inform George Gigicos “that he’d never manage a Trump rally again.” It’s a blessing, George, now turn your life around.

The venue’s main floor has an avoidable dividing wall that leaves some space empty, so the audience was mostly left to stand, therefore energy was reportedly lackluster. Trump blamed Gigicos for the convention center’s existing logistics, but it’s not the first time. In the past, anytime a rally or campaign stop would be imperfect, Gigicos would be held responsible. Trump publicly blamed him in the midst of a campaign appearance in Florida, when the microphone was malfunctioning.

Though Gigicos left his White House job as director of advance on July 31 for the private sector, he was still dedicated to the piss-ant’s reelection and the Republican National Committee. It was as a contractor to the RNC that he organized the Phoenix event made disastrous by Trump’s crazy pardon-Arpaio-build-that-Wall-blame-the-media tirade.

Perhaps short-tempered Trump does have undiagnosed diabetes (Coke, “beautiful” Mar-A-Lago chocolate cake, two scoops of ice cream), because he cannot feel that he keeps shooting himself in the numb foot.

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