Doll Parts: Let’s Cast Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

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Last week, Warner Brothers and Mattel announced a star for their live-action Barbie movie, thus breathing new life into a project that had originally been an Amy Schumer vehicle. This iteration features a touching, body-positive storyline about loving yourself unconditionally. Now, in the time-honored tradition of having Barbie look like she just finished doing several…

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Conservative ‘Clueless’ Star Stacey Dash Running For Congress

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Clueless star Stacey Dash is now running for Congress in California. That’s a sentence best read literally. While many of you will know Dash as the fabulously dressed Dionne, the best friend of Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless, others of you will know her as a dumb-as-nails conservative commentator who will do anything for attention….

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Trump Announces New Kennedy Center Honors Recipients

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In a stunning reversal of an earlier reversal, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have decided they WILL attend the Kennedy Center Honors this December, but they’ve scrapped the initial honorees, in favor of new ones more supportive of the current Administration. The Trumps had issued a statement early Saturday saying they would…

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